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No matter what business you are in, you need to have sales. At Rossi Marketing, we can’t help you with your sales, but we can get you more leads for your business. On this page, we will walk you through all of our services for you. Below You will see how we are Connecticut’s number one website designSEOFacebook AdsGoogle Ads, and Geo-Fencing firm.


Website Design

A website design is no longer merely a beautiful page – it is a crucial tool for establishing your online presence. It is the first place potential clients or customers will see your brand. It is your business card, portfolio, reviews, and possibly your online store. Rossi Marketing is a website design company in CT that will design a beautiful website for you. We also offer unlimited revisions, so you are delighted with the end product.

Digital Marketing Playbook

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is excellent, but it’s like buying a car with no gas. SEO is the gas that will get your website to show up on the first page of Google and other search engines. If you need a plumber, your car detailed, a new dentist, or perhaps a personal injury attorney, where will you often go and search? If you are like most people, you probably hop on a computer or your phone and go to Google and type in what you are looking for online. Well, 75% of searchers will not leave the first page. It is so essential that your business is jumping out to your customers on the first page. You’ll be pleased with choosing Rossi Marketing for your CT SEO needs.

Facebook Advertising

With Facebook, we can target your next client by interests, age, income, location, and more. With Facebook advertising, we always start with a two-week trial where you spend the money on the ads, and we don’t make a dime. We want to ensure that this a valuable service for you. Typically, agencies will ask for you to spend the money on ads and require a hefty retainer. We make decisions with data to benefit all parties involved. Rossi Marketing is a digital marketing firm in Connecticut that specializes in generating leads through Facebook. Last month we generated 45 leads for a local gym. Is your business ready to work with the best digital marketing company in Connecticut?

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Google Ads

70% of searches have google ads on them. To use Google ads, you will need a website first. Perhaps you already have a website, but its not quite ranking yet on the first page. With Google Ads, you can pay to have your website displayed on the first page by bidding for specific keywords. Click to learn more about how we can use this strategy to generate leads for your business. Also, we always do a two-week trial similar to our Facebook ads service, where you pay just for the ads. Rossi Marketing is a Google Ad expert located in the great state of Connecticut and can help your business today

Geo Fencing

Imagine if you could target anyone that walks into your competitor’s location and display ads to them? Well, with Geo-Fencing, we can do precisely that. So let’s say you are a restaurant owner. Every time someone walks into your competition, we can start displaying ads to them for up to 30 days. So when they go online and check the weather, news, or play their iPhone games, they will see your ad displayed. We can then track when someone sees your ad and later visits your location or comes to check your website. We can also have digital ads send to people who stay on your site for longer than a minute. The opportunities are endless with our hyper-focused Geo-Fencing tactics. Rossi Marketing is the leading Geo-Fencing company in Connecticut

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