Why You Need Facebook Ads

If you are looking for instant gratification, then Facebook advertising is the way to go. We use the lead generation form campaign where we create an attractive ad for your potential clients to click through. If they fill out the contact form, you will receive their name, email, and phone number. You don’t have to search hard for this information. We deliver a text right to your phone, an email to your inbox, and we have an automated tool to capture the data into a spreadsheet.

We want this entire process to be as painless as possible for you. That why trusting the number one digital marketing company in Connecticut will be a smart move for your business. Facebook has some compelling data, and businesses everywhere are taking advantage of this. Facebook ad revenue topped 16.6 Billion dollars in 2019, which was up 30 percent from the year prior.

You may think that people are becoming more savvy and not clicking on ads anymore but this is simply just a myth. The results we deliver for our clients is truly incredible.

So the real question is, can you keep up? Can you handle leads be delivered right to your phone through a text? Can you follow up with them and close the deal?

To learn more about Facebook Ads, see the four categories that make a successful ad work. Also, we offer a two-week trial for you if you are unsure if this will work for your business. All we ask is you cover the ad spend. We won’t take a dime

Facebook Ad company in CT

The picture or video


The ad copy


The offer


The targeting

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1. The Picture or Video. With any successful ad to work, you need to have a short video or an image that makes someone stop scrolling. To measure the success of an ad’s image or video, we will show you the cost per click for your advertisement in comparison to the industry average.

2. The Ad Copy. You stopped the person from scrolling on Facebook with your engaging graphic. Your new customer is now asking, How can this make my life better? You have one line or about 40 characters to do this.

3. The Offer. You caught their eye. They know what it’s for now what you are offering. To get that person to buy your product or service, you need a strong call to action—for example, a Free one-week pass—$ 500 Off your next purchase. You get the point to make it enticing for the person to want to do business with you.

4. The targeting. If you are running an ad for a gym, you won’t target people interested in real estate. Targeting is one of the most important things you can do with Facebook Ads. The art of taking what users are typing into Google and showing them ads based on their search history is possible with Facebook Ads. At Rossi Marketing, we can put your advertising dollars to great use with this technique.

In the two-week trial, we will go over the four main categories and how we can create a compelling ad that generates leads to your business. In some cases, Facebook may not even be the right choice for your business, and that’s okay. I’d rather have you spend the $25/day ad spend for two weeks, which comes out to $350. If we can’t generate any leads for your business, then we move on, and you lose $350 as opposed to going to another ad agency who will promise you leads and charge you thousands of dollars per month.

That is wrong. As a business owner you can’t be wasting money, you need to see a positive ROI on a Facebook ad campaign and that is exactly why we must first test with a small budget so we can scale later.