The Economist | Case Study

Feb 14, 2018
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Welcome to the Rossi Marketing case study featuring our successful partnership with The Economist. We are thrilled to share the exceptional results we achieved while implementing innovative digital marketing strategies for one of the leading global publications.

About The Economist

The Economist is a renowned international publication that provides insightful analysis on global news, business, finance, economics, and politics. With a large readership and an established brand, they aimed to enhance their online presence and engage with a wider audience.


When The Economist approached Rossi Marketing, they faced several challenges in their digital marketing efforts. Their website was not ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs), their organic traffic was declining, and they struggled to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

Our Approach

As a leading provider of digital marketing services in the Business and Consumer Services industry, Rossi Marketing designed a comprehensive strategy to address The Economist's challenges. Our team conducted a thorough analysis of their website and industry trends to identify opportunities for improvement.

Keyword Research and Optimization

We performed extensive keyword research specific to the topics covered by The Economist. By identifying relevant and high-volume keywords, we optimized their website's content, meta tags, and headings to improve their ranking for target keywords.

Content Marketing

We developed a content marketing plan to create engaging, informative, and keyword-rich articles, blog posts, and infographics. These pieces of content were optimized for search engines while providing valuable insights to The Economist's target audience.

Link Building

We implemented a robust link building strategy to improve The Economist's online authority. By acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the publishing, news, and business sectors, we boosted their website's credibility and search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing

We leveraged social media platforms to amplify The Economist's online presence and engage with their audience. Our team developed and executed well-targeted social media campaigns, sharing their valuable content and driving traffic to their website.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We optimized The Economist's website to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates. Through extensive A/B testing, UI/UX improvements, and targeted Call-to-Action (CTA) placements, we improved their website's ability to convert visitors into subscribers and customers.


Our collaboration with The Economist yielded remarkable outcomes:

Increase in Organic Traffic

By implementing our SEO strategies, The Economist experienced a significant increase in organic traffic. We successfully improved their visibility on search engine result pages, attracting a larger audience and exposing their brand to more potential readers.

Growth in Subscriptions and Reader Engagement

The comprehensive content marketing approach greatly contributed to increased subscriber acquisition and improved reader engagement. We provided valuable, well-researched, and entertaining content that resonated with their target audience, resulting in higher subscription rates.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Through our social media marketing efforts, The Economist's brand visibility soared. Their content reached a wider audience, received higher engagement, and established The Economist as a thought leader in the industry.

Improved Conversion Rates

The implementation of CRO techniques significantly improved The Economist's website conversion rates. Visitors found it easier to navigate the website, discover relevant content, and take desired actions, leading to increased conversions.


In conclusion, Rossi Marketing's strategic and tailored approach helped The Economist overcome their digital marketing challenges and achieve outstanding results. Our expertise in SEO, content marketing, link building, social media marketing, and CRO empowered The Economist to thrive in an ever-competitive online landscape. Contact us now to discover how we can drive similar success for your business in the Business and Consumer Services industry!

Ben Kinsey
Great collaboration showcasing the power of digital marketing strategies with a global publication.
Oct 5, 2023