Top iOS 14 Features You MUST Know!

Jun 2, 2019


Welcome to Rossi Marketing, your trusted source for the latest updates on digital marketing strategies. In this article, we'll dive deep into the top iOS 14 features that every business and consumer service provider should know. Stay ahead of the competition with the new and exciting possibilities offered by iOS 14!

1. App Tracking Transparency

iOS 14 introduces App Tracking Transparency, granting users more control over their personal data. With this feature, users receive a prompt when an app wants permission to track their activity across other apps and websites. As a business and consumer service provider, understanding how this impacts targeted advertising and data-driven marketing strategies is crucial.

2. Widget Personalization

The improved widget personalization in iOS 14 allows users to customize their home screens according to their preferences. It opens up new opportunities for businesses to create engaging, branded widgets that provide quick access to their services or content. Leveraging this feature can enhance user experience and increase brand visibility.

3. App Library

The App Library organizes all installed apps into categorized folders, making it easier for users to find and access them. As a business, optimizing your app's visibility in the App Library ensures that users can easily discover and engage with your services. This feature is particularly beneficial for digital marketers aiming to drive app downloads and user retention.

4. Enhanced Siri

iOS 14 brings an enhanced Siri experience, allowing users to send audio messages, provide more accurate answers, and control specific app functionalities through voice commands. As a business, optimizing your app to integrate seamlessly with Siri can improve user engagement and accessibility, ultimately leading to a better customer experience.

5. Picture-in-Picture Mode

Picture-in-Picture mode enables users to continue watching videos or participating in video calls while using other apps. This multitasking functionality offers new possibilities for businesses to deliver immersive video content while users interact with their services, increasing engagement and brand exposure.

6. App Clips

App Clips allow users to experience selected parts of an app without having to download the entire application. This feature is particularly useful for businesses providing on-the-go services or offering trial versions of their apps. By utilizing App Clips, you can provide potential customers with a seamless and convenient experience, ultimately driving conversions.

7. Privacy Enhancements

iOS 14 introduces additional privacy enhancements, such as approximate location sharing and limited photo library access. These security-focused features convey trust to users and reinforce your commitment to protecting their sensitive data. Demonstrating your dedication to privacy can attract new customers and foster loyalty among existing ones.

8. HomeKit Automation

HomeKit Automation allows users to create automated smart home routines, enhancing convenience and efficiency. If your business offers smart home devices or services, integrating with HomeKit can give you a competitive advantage and position your brand as a leader in the connected home industry.


These are just a few of the exciting iOS 14 features that can revolutionize the way you approach digital marketing. Stay ahead of the curve and leverage these advancements to enhance user experience, drive engagement, and boost your business's visibility. Rossi Marketing is here to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and help you unlock the full potential of iOS 14 for your business. Contact us today to embark on a journey of growth and success!

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