About Benoit Perdrizet

May 23, 2021
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Benoit Perdrizet is an integral part of the Rossi Marketing team, serving as the Head of Programmatic Guaranteed. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing, Benoit plays a crucial role in driving the success of the company. In this role, Benoit is responsible for overseeing the implementation and execution of programmatic guaranteed campaigns, leveraging his expertise to optimize digital advertising strategies for clients in various industries.

Expertise in Programmatic Guaranteed

As the Head of Programmatic Guaranteed, Benoit brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He has a deep understanding of programmatic advertising and all its intricacies, allowing him to create customized and targeted campaigns that deliver exceptional results for clients.

Benoit stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in programmatic advertising, continuously adapting his strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness. He combines data-driven insights with his industry knowledge to identify the most relevant audiences and placement opportunities, ensuring clients achieve their marketing goals efficiently and effectively.

Contributions to Rossi Marketing

Since joining Rossi Marketing, Benoit has made significant contributions to the company's success. With his expertise and innovative thinking, he has elevated the company's programmatic guaranteed offerings and helped clients achieve exceptional results.

Benoit's strategic approach to programmatic guaranteed has allowed Rossi Marketing to stand out in the highly competitive digital marketing landscape. His ability to identify opportunities and optimize campaigns has enabled clients to increase brand visibility, drive targeted traffic, and achieve higher conversion rates.

Digital Marketing Background

Prior to joining Rossi Marketing, Benoit amassed a wealth of experience in the digital marketing industry. He has worked with leading brands across various sectors, helping them navigate the complex world of digital advertising and achieve their marketing objectives.

Benoit's career has been focused on programmatic advertising, providing him with a deep understanding of audience segmentation, ad placement, and campaign optimization. He has a keen eye for data analysis, enabling him to extract valuable insights and optimize campaigns to deliver the best possible results.

Client Success Stories

Under Benoit's guidance, Rossi Marketing has partnered with numerous clients and achieved remarkable success. Here are a few client success stories that highlight Benoit's expertise and the impact he has made:

  • Client A: Through targeted programmatic guaranteed campaigns, Client A experienced a 50% increase in website traffic, resulting in a substantial boost in online conversions and revenue.
  • Client B: By leveraging Benoit's expertise, Client B achieved a 30% decrease in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) while maintaining a steady increase in conversions, allowing them to maximize their marketing budget.
  • Client C: Benoit's strategic approach to programmatic guaranteed helped Client C achieve a 75% increase in brand awareness, solidifying their position as an industry leader and driving significant customer engagement.


Benoit Perdrizet, the Head of Programmatic Guaranteed at Rossi Marketing, is a true expert in the field of digital marketing. With his in-depth knowledge and strategic approach, Benoit consistently delivers exceptional results for clients. Through targeted programmatic guaranteed campaigns, Benoit helps clients increase their brand visibility, drive relevant traffic, and achieve their marketing goals. With Benoit leading the way, Rossi Marketing continues to excel in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising.

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Oct 13, 2023