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Feb 25, 2023
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Welcome to the world of luxury and innovation. In an epochal collaboration, Rossi Marketing is pleased to announce the partnership between iProspect, an industry leader in digital marketing services, and Kering, a renowned luxury group. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize how Kering reaches its global clientele using cutting-edge digital strategies.

About Kering

Kering, a multinational company headquartered in Paris, France, is a global leader in luxury goods, with prestigious brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta under its wing. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovation, Kering has established itself as a trendsetter in the luxury industry.

About iProspect

iProspect, a prominent global media agency, boasts a wealth of experience in helping businesses succeed in the digital landscape. Their team of experts specializes in driving online visibility, customer engagement, and brand recognition. With a keen understanding of the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, iProspect consistently delivers innovative solutions tailored to clients' unique needs.

The Partnership

This groundbreaking partnership between iProspect and Kering signifies a significant milestone in the luxury sector's digital transformation. As Kering's primary global media agency partner, iProspect will harness their expertise to enhance Kering's digital marketing strategies, expanding brand reach and driving tangible business growth.

Driving Digital Innovation

In the dynamic digital landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation. Leveraging iProspect's data-driven insights, Kering will gain a profound understanding of consumer behavior, enabling them to create personalized and captivating brand experiences in the online realm.

Unparalleled Expertise

iProspect's team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering excellence across various digital marketing channels. From search engine optimization (SEO) to social media advertising and content marketing, iProspect brings an array of skills to bolster Kering's online presence, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Creating Compelling Content

Content lies at the heart of any successful digital marketing strategy. With iProspect's guidance, Kering will craft compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience, captivating them at every touchpoint. From engaging blog articles highlighting the latest fashion trends to immersive brand storytelling, Kering's content will set new industry standards.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

With a global clientele, Kering is well-aware of the importance of regional customization. iProspect's extensive international network ensures that Kering's digital campaigns are not only globally relevant but also tailored to specific local markets. By harnessing their local expertise, iProspect will help Kering make a deeper impact in diverse geographical regions around the world.

Measurable Results

At Rossi Marketing, we understand the importance of delivering measurable results that drive business growth. With their cutting-edge analytics and measurement tools, iProspect empowers Kering to track and optimize marketing campaigns effectively. By constantly monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), Kering can make data-driven decisions to maximize their return on investment (ROI).


In the ever-evolving luxury landscape, adapting to the digital era is essential. The partnership between iProspect and Kering signifies a transformative step towards revolutionizing the digital marketing strategies of luxury brands. Through this collaboration, Kering aims to enhance its global presence, engage customers on a deeper level, and set new industry benchmarks. Welcome to the future of luxury marketing.

Stuart W. Powell
This partnership will redefine luxury brand's global presence.
Oct 9, 2023