Anuncios de Productos y Funciones de Google Ads 2020

Jan 1, 2020

Revolutionizing Online Sales with Google Ads

Welcome to Rossi Marketing's comprehensive overview of the latest product and feature announcements from Google Ads in 2020. As a trusted player in the Business and Consumer Services - Digital Marketing industry, we strive to provide valuable insights into optimizing your online sales using cutting-edge advertising solutions.

Unlocking Global Business Potential

With increasingly competitive markets, it is crucial for businesses to stand out and reach their target audience effectively. Google Ads offers a powerful suite of tools designed to maximize your online sales and enhance brand visibility across the digital landscape.

Innovative Feature: Responsive Search Ads

One of the most exciting additions to Google Ads' arsenal is the introduction of Responsive Search Ads. These dynamic ads adapt to match the content of your potential customers' search queries. By leveraging machine learning, Google Ads ensures your ads are tailored for maximum impact, driving higher click-through rates (CTRs) and conversions.

Expanded Reach with Local Campaigns

For businesses targeting local audiences, Google Ads' Local Campaigns is an invaluable tool. This feature enables advertisers to promote physical store visits, calls, and website visits by automatically optimizing ad delivery across various channels, including Search, Display, YouTube, and Maps.

Maximizing ROI with Smart Bidding Strategies

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, it is essential to optimize your Return on Investment (ROI) by leveraging intelligent bidding strategies. Google Ads offers a range of Smart Bidding options, including Target CPA, Maximize Conversions, and Enhanced CPC.

Driving Incredible Results with Target CPA

Target CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition) is a powerful bidding strategy that maximizes conversions within your specified cost-per-acquisition goal. By setting a target CPA, Google Ads automatically adjusts your bids to help you acquire new customers at the most efficient cost possible.

Maximize Conversions with Minimal Effort

Maximize Conversions is a bidding strategy that utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically set bids for each auction, optimizing conversions. By utilizing historical conversion data, Google Ads effectively predicts the likelihood of conversion for each impression, ensuring your ads are shown to users most likely to take action.

Driving Success with Audience Expansion

Google Ads' Audience Expansion allows businesses to reach new customers who have similar characteristics to their existing audience. By analyzing user behavior and preferences, Google Ads identifies potential customers who are most likely to engage with your ads, expanding your reach and driving additional conversions.

Enhancing Performance with App Campaigns

The rapid growth of mobile app usage presents immense opportunities for businesses. Google Ads' App Campaigns allow advertisers to promote their apps across various channels, including Search, Display, YouTube, and the Google Play Store. With minimal effort, you can maximize your app installs and engagement.

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